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Votan (Votans plural) is the name given to the group of alien species, currently believed to be eight total, which developed in the Votan solar system. When an interstellar catastrophe predicted the destruction of the star system 5,000 years ago, several of the races banded together in the effort to build starships, called Arks, to escape the inevitable extinction of life in the Votan System. Though each race retains their own characteristics, traditions, and social and political beliefs, they are collectively considered all part of one populace, and the millions of aliens that arrived by the Arks are called Votans, especially by Humans.

The known races of Votan are:

An eighth Votan race was supposed to have existed, but none apparently disembarked from the Arks, indicating either they did not survive the voyage, or were not permitted to join the Votan when the Arks departed the Votan System.