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EGO, in the universe of Defiance, is injected into Ark Hunters giving them abilities. But it is not yet clear the role EGO will play in Defiance 2050.

In Defiance, EGO also refers to the Heads Up Display (HUD), allowing Ark Hunters to communicate with one another on a "bionetic" level.

"The power to break the physical limits of mankind and Votan rests within the EGO, the Environmental Guardian Online. Designed with advanced extraterrestrial science, this alien AI implant fuses with the body, unlocking its dormant powers while providing up-to-the-second environmental intelligence. The EGO implant can make even the meekest Ark Hunter a superhero of the new frontier. Hidden deep within our DNA is the potential to perform super-human feats. With the EGO implant, common Votans and humans can unlock and channel this potential into combat abilities called EGO Powers. By utilizing complex synthetic DNA strands, an EGO-imbued Ark Hunter can launch powerful attacks and wield astounding defenses."

Ego Abilities[edit | edit source]